Sampark Madhya Pradesh

Vision, Mission and Objectives

visionEmpowerment of marginalised people like this farmer is the vision of Sampark


To facilitate the organic process of change leading to empowerment and development of marginalised communities

The present structure of society and economy is inequitable, unjust, exploitative and environmentally unsustainable and has resulted in the destruction of the livelihood and self-esteem of marginalised communities like Bhil tribals, making them vulnerable and powerless. Change for better can only come about if the disadvantaged people work in an organised manner and actively participate in the formulation and implementation of programmes of empowerment and development. Sampark’s role is limited to facilitating this organic process of change.


To facilitate a process through which the disadvantaged and the powerless would organise themselves for a just and sustainable social order and empowered to develop their quality of life, resource, culture and esteem through a participatory and non-violent methods.


  • To organise people into groups and form sustainable people's institutions, which are able to create awareness amongst the people (especially in boosting their self esteems to resist being swayed by mainstream values and practices), to take care of their interests and to fight exploitation in all forms and to all extents.
  • To improve the standards of and awareness about health and education amongst the people.
  • To increase awareness amongst the people not only on how to efficiently and sustainably manage their resources but also about alternative sources of income by demonstration as well as by pilot activities. These activities would include on farm activities as well as off farm activities.
  • To build the capacity amongst the people to sustainably manage their resources without outside involvement.

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